Private Detective Marcus Moore thought he was just taking on another missing persons case. However in the steam-filled city of Luimere, a lost and found case turns into a roller-coaster of lies, deceit and attempted murder. Luckily for Marcus he's got a few good friends and a natural talent that makes him hard to kill. Join the steampunk adventure filled with action with a sprinkle of intrigue and romance as our P.I. puts his life on the line to save a child.


Violet Eclipse- A time in shadow

The prophesies foretold that a time would come that all the land would be covered in shadow. During this time demons would once again roam this land sowing mayhem, destruction and chaos. Kritis Melda was a simple mercenary getting paid for services rendered before one job got him put into the the city prison know as Gladia. Little did he know that fate had a much bigger plan for him. The Violet Eclipse covers the land and it is up to Kritis and a small band of former gladiators to save them all.


Moore For Less Investigations: The Husband

Private Detective Marcus Moore had only been in business for two months and was starting to wonder if going into the private sector was a good idea. Presented with a chance at high society recognition Marcus follows the bread crumbs in this steampunk tale to find Veronica Chambers' missing husband.



Captain Kasa Brace, a half-succubus pirate ship captain had three loves, her ship, Crimson Widow, her job, and of course sex.That all changed the day her first mate mutinied, stole her ship and left her marooned on an enchanted island.

Some say revenge is a dish best served cold. To Captain Kasa Brace, however she prefers her revenge like she prefers her sex. Hot and smouldering.