The Violet Eclipse - A time in shadow 
Moore For Less Investigations: The Family

This section is a list of all the stories I wish to tell in the coming future. There are a few others that are not listed that may or may not  ever be written or in some cases completed. I will add more as other become completed.


The Family takes place roughly one year after the events of The Kid. Marcus finds himself a odds with a notorious crime family, all they while tracking a group of missing wealthy young ladies.
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​The prophesies foretold that a time would come that all the land would be covered in shadow. During this time demons would once again roam this land sowing mayhem, destruction and chaos. Kritis Melda was a simple mercenary getting paid for services rendered before one job got him put into the the city prison know as Gladia. Little did he know that fate had a much bigger plan for him. The Violet Eclipse covers the land and it is up to Kritis and a small band of former gladiators to save them all.
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Book three in the series, Haven't decided exactly what will take place yet.
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Bloodlines is the novelization of the Webcomic "The Misfits" Read the first two issues here at

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Moore For Less Investigations: The Machine

The Misfits: Bloodlines